Sunday, January 15, 2012

On Typing

Sometimes I love typing on the computer. I watch my typing, not because I need to be sure that I type correctly (rather, I more often need to watch the screen to make sure it’s coming out right), but because I love the way my hands, moving over the keys, look. 

What I first started typing, I would watch my finger placement because I had to make sure they went where they were supposed to go. I could feel the keys, but I was never sure which one was which. To that point I always had to feel them. Now, once I place my hands down on the keyboard in the correct position, I can raise the hammers and pluck the strings with perfect precision. I almost never need to look at the keyboard; usually only when using a strange key or key-combination. So then I could just watch the words racing across the screen, each previous letter boosting the next forward to boost its following key forward. The endless train of English.

However, now I have surpassed both those stages. While I still do look at the screen when typing, as to make sure my words are coming out correctly, when I write for fun (as now, I assure you) I watch my fingers on the keyboard. It’s kind-of beautiful.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Ramen? Or Gross Beef Soup Over Thin Noodles? Find Out Ahead!

Gross beef soup over thin noodles...

It wasn't the worst thing in he world, but I didn't have 70% of the ingredients so I (mostly) made it up as I went. I started with beef soup broth and added mushrooms, snap-peas, and green onion. After cooking it for a few minutes I added some soy sauce and cinnamon, which tasted pretty interesting.

I had started the soup way before the noodles because I didn't know how long it would take to cook. So I had to put the soup on the back of the stove and let it cool until I was ready to cook the noodles, then I reheated the soup. It's possible that this cooling and reheating caused it to taste less desirable, but either way it would have been only adequate.

Perhaps next time I'll follow the directions, I really hope real Miso Ramen tastes as good as my heart tells me it must, because my brain says if it's anything like the Ramen I made... bleh.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure; Judgment IS Awarded For Wrong Answers!


1: Follow the story and make choices based upon your real-life experience.

2: If you run into "Judgment" go back and re-answer the question, lying for the sake of the story.


Have you ever eaten French Fries?

Yes! = B23

No! = J91

B23 = Good. Well, I am currently eating "Waffle Fries" left-over from my "Friendly's" dinner last night. Have you ever been to Friendly's?

Yes! = G23

No! = H22

G23 = I'm glad you're not from Al-Qaeda! :-) Anywho, one day I found out that my Chicken BBQ Supermelt Sandwich was dripping Ranch salad dressing all over my waffle fries. And lemme tell you, IT TASTED AWESOME! So whenever I go to Friendly's now, I always get a little side of Ranch dressing to dip my fries in. You should totally try it some day.

Sure! = R42

Ew, No Way = Y08

Y08 = Failwich with a side of lame-fries! JUDGMENT'S IN THE HOUWSE!.. Dawgy-dauwg! . . . . Wüüf, wüüf!

J91 = JUDGMENT! *Narrows eyes*

H22 = You're not from America, are you?.. wow.. Take some Judgment: anndddd. *POW*--Judgment! ..To teh FACE! That's gotta hurt, man.

R42 = Congratulations! You Win! Weeeee!


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Birthday Gifts

I recently got a package in the mail from my Brother and Sister down in Georgia. Inside this magic package was a big "Mug of Tea" (shown thusly).

Thursday, April 8, 2010


It's depressing when you want to be yourself around someone, but you used to not completely act like yourself around them; and you want to be friends, but are afraid that acting exactly like yourself will ruin your friendship.. Sigh*

blah blah blah..

Edit: Because I like to think that I try to be nice so everyone will like me.. But me, myself without acting so people will "like" me is kind of a jerk sometimes. Not all the time, just about certain things..

Edit: I'm feeling particularly open, at the moment. I'll probably delete this post later.. Except now that I've said that I've got to prove to myself that.. although.. I did just say the other thing, and now maybe.. but because I've made such a big deal.. but maybe.. er.. blah

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Stash - Peppermint Herbal Tea

I'm sick. And therefore...

This is the latest tea that I shall be reviewing: Stash's Peppermint Herbal Tea.

Water Type: Hard Tap (Lots of Minerals)
Steeping Time: Still in (10+ Minutes)
Steeping Heat: Reg. Boiling - Scalding
Additives: Nothing.. the tea bag is still in, if incredibly overused, bitter tea leaves count as additives..

Initial Taste = ?.?
After-Taste = ?.?
Aroma = 8.5
Originality = 5.0
Taste Throughout = ?.?

Average = 6.75

Initial Taste = I actually have not tasted this. I'm only using it to huff so it can clear my sinuses out.

After-Taste = Huffing, not stuffing.

Aroma = Smells like peppermint herbal tea.. legit. Exactly what you would expect.

Originality = Common, it's peppermint. herbal. tea. Original is about as far removed from this as Santa's belt buckle is from his butt.

Taste Throughout = Still just for huffing.

This tea gets a B+ for giving me something to write about while clearing my sinuses and making it easier to get to sleep (when I try again) at the same time.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Top Ten Things To Hate About Team Fortress 2

Top Ten Things To Hate About Team Fortress 2:

Team Fortress 2 is a great game. I'm sure most of us who have played more than ten minutes will agree. However, if someone tells me they hate the game I find that completely understandable because there are several things about Team Fortress 2 that will make you despise the game if you encounter too many of them during your first time playing. Here are the Top 10 I could think of:

  • 10. If you capture the first cap point and cannot capture the second within the same minute, half the defending team just goes engineer and spams sentry guns until the time runs out.
  • 9. Pyro spam (Unless I'm the one doing it. ;p).
  • 8. "Performance Regression"... seriously, VALVe?
  • 7. People who name themselves stupid names, or have stupid avatars that make you want to punch someone's face when they kill you.
  • 6. People who join a server and screw around because they're legit trying to be obnoxious.
  • 5. When a Pyro camps at your spawn point and kills everyone as they spawn.
  • 4. When your stupid team cannot work together and just kill that Pyro because IT ISN'T THAT HARD if you play right!
  • 3. Arena Maps
  • 2. More than two scouts on a single team (This includes engineers playing like scouts!).
  • 1. People who play like the game is called "Solo Fortress 2" not "TEAM Fortress 2"!
There are many other obnoxious things about this game, these are the ones that I run into most often/find most annoying.