Thursday, April 8, 2010


It's depressing when you want to be yourself around someone, but you used to not completely act like yourself around them; and you want to be friends, but are afraid that acting exactly like yourself will ruin your friendship.. Sigh*

blah blah blah..

Edit: Because I like to think that I try to be nice so everyone will like me.. But me, myself without acting so people will "like" me is kind of a jerk sometimes. Not all the time, just about certain things..

Edit: I'm feeling particularly open, at the moment. I'll probably delete this post later.. Except now that I've said that I've got to prove to myself that.. although.. I did just say the other thing, and now maybe.. but because I've made such a big deal.. but maybe.. er.. blah


Kay said...

I don't think you have anything to worry about, Joel. Not now at least. Yeah... you're kinda an ass.. but I love you! And I'm INCREDIBLY critical of people. So.. you can't be /that/ bad. ;)

Jonathan said...

To be totally honest, I couldn't have ever pictured you using a phrase like "Tastes like an orgasm." BUT now that you've been exposed to the real world (And thank God for that.)I feel I've come to know the real Joel, not the perfect little church boy I used to know. Fuck yeah.

Joel W. said...

lol, that almost sounds negative. ;p Thanks, tho.

Kay said...

Uhm... wait.. he said "tastes like an orgasm?" I use the phrase "orgasmic" all the time (often when describing grilled cheese). I want to know a) Where Joel got that phrase and b) Who he is cheating on me with. I'ma gunna beat that bitch up for doing... strange things.. with my fiance! :P

Jonathan said...

Well to be honest, I should have paraphrased it. That isn't word for word. I want to say he used the word orgasmic but it was a few days ago and I can't remember exactly what he said.