Saturday, December 4, 2010

Choose Your Own Adventure; Judgment IS Awarded For Wrong Answers!


1: Follow the story and make choices based upon your real-life experience.

2: If you run into "Judgment" go back and re-answer the question, lying for the sake of the story.


Have you ever eaten French Fries?

Yes! = B23

No! = J91

B23 = Good. Well, I am currently eating "Waffle Fries" left-over from my "Friendly's" dinner last night. Have you ever been to Friendly's?

Yes! = G23

No! = H22

G23 = I'm glad you're not from Al-Qaeda! :-) Anywho, one day I found out that my Chicken BBQ Supermelt Sandwich was dripping Ranch salad dressing all over my waffle fries. And lemme tell you, IT TASTED AWESOME! So whenever I go to Friendly's now, I always get a little side of Ranch dressing to dip my fries in. You should totally try it some day.

Sure! = R42

Ew, No Way = Y08

Y08 = Failwich with a side of lame-fries! JUDGMENT'S IN THE HOUWSE!.. Dawgy-dauwg! . . . . Wüüf, wüüf!

J91 = JUDGMENT! *Narrows eyes*

H22 = You're not from America, are you?.. wow.. Take some Judgment: anndddd. *POW*--Judgment! ..To teh FACE! That's gotta hurt, man.

R42 = Congratulations! You Win! Weeeee!


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